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WORK VEST/LIFEBUOY/ S I LIGHT/BUOYANT LINE                                                ®


                                Certification: CE (European Certification) & CONFORMS TO SOLAS LSA CODE 74/83 (AS AMENDED)
                                The personal life saving device comes with a flexible ensolite foam floatation pads that covers a minimum body aera to
                                increase ventilation and promote freedom of movement. The MMWVCG nylon / acrylic fabric covered life presserver can be
                                easily  adjusted  to  fit  most  adults.  It  is  light  in  weight  and  has  a  handy  front  pocket  for  added  utility.  Highly  visible
                                commercial vest for those working on or near water. Adjustable shoulders and sales. Heavy-duty fully encircling and chest
                                 Model            Size            User Weight         PFD Type         Buoyancy    CERTIFICATION
                                 MMWVCG        Adult Universal        Upto 56 Kg.                V                  78N      CE CERTIFIED
                                Ÿ  Made with polyethylene plastic foam
                                Ÿ  Tough, lightweight nylon / acrylic fabric cover
                                Ÿ  The 1" black polypropylene webbing system is designed to take strains and loads
                                Ÿ  To help compensate for equipment or heavy clothing the user might be wearing the buoyancy of this work vest is greater
                                   that the USCG minimum
                                Ÿ  The innovation chest strap helps to hold the vest on the wearer during falls into the water and prevents the vest form riding
                                   up too high
              MMWVCG            Ÿ  Bright international orange coating passes Underwriters Laboratory Flame Test Ul1123
                                Ÿ  SOLAS reflective tape
                                Ÿ  Polyester Webbing Belt attached with quick release Strong Buckle and Clip Slider Webbing Holder Easy to adjust.

                                MMLB 2.5:  Certification: IRS Type Approval Certificate as per SOLAS LSA CODE as amended.
                                MMLB 4:     Certification: ISO / CE (European Certification)
                                Highly visible orange colour, High Density Polyethylene outer shell that will not deteriorate and is unaffected by extreme
                                weather conditions filled with polyurethane foam, SOLAS reflective tapes and 4 equally space grab line, build in UV inhibitors
                                reduce fading causing by sunlight. The 2.5Kgs life buoy is suitable for all kinds of vessels, used by seamen and passenger for
                                life-saving equipment's.
                                Grab line  both ends are machine fitted for improved strength.
                                Lifebuoy ring is obligatory for all boats and an advantage for land-based applications. When overboard, it is a MOB system of
                                significant importance as it is able to provide buoyancy and keep people afloat in case of emergency. MM Lifebuoys are highly
                                durable, moisture proof, non inflammable and require no maintenance.

                                Stowage height: anywhere up to 30 m above the waterline.
                                Optional Accessories: Stainless Steel Lifebuoy Bracket | Orange Floating Lifeline 8mm 30meters | Lifebuoy S I Light
              MMLB 2.5          MODEL          OD              ID            DEPTH      WEIGHT        DROP HEIGHT       BUOYANCY         CERTIFICATION
               MMLB 4           MMLB 2.5    720 mm  x   420 mm x     100mm       2.800 Kgs.           30 Mtrs.                  180N                IRS CERTIFIED
                                MMLB 4       720 mm  x   420 mm x     100 mm         4 Kgs.                30 Mtrs.                   180N                 CE CERTIFIED

                                BUOYANT LIFELINE

                                Certification: MED is Directive 2014/90/EU.
                                Material: PP Filament Rope
                                •  Color: Orange / Yellow
                                •  Length: 30m / 25m
                                •  Diameter: 8mm
                                •  Nylon Handle Strap: Enable a rescuer to hold the Buoyant Line firmly at one end in survival situation
                                •  Minimum Breaking Strength: 6 kN
                                •   Usability: It is suitable to throw the lifebuoy rings to the drowning personnel


                                LIFEBUOY LIGHT

                                CERTIFICATION:  IRS  Type  Approval  certificate  as  per  SOLAS  LSA  CODE  as  amended  /  Tested  from  Indian
                                Government Approved Laboratory.
                                The Lifebuoy Light complies with SOLAS and is capable of burning continuously with high luminous intensity.
                                Ÿ  Detailed features of this product are:
                                Ÿ  Water-Activated LED Flashlight Technology
                                Ÿ  Operates automatically when it comes in contact with water.
                                Ÿ  Durable Plastic Body
                                Ÿ  Lithium Battery having 8 hours continuous luminous
                                Ÿ  MM Life Jacket Light luminous intensity of 2 cd with flashing rate of 70 flashes per minute with a compact design
                                Ÿ  Fits & locks easily providing security & stability against sudden moves of panic
                                Ÿ  Easy to read label for instant inspection
                                Ÿ  When immersed in water automatically pops up above the water surface
                                Ÿ  High quality sealing does not allow water to enter the light body
           S.I. LIGHT - MMLBL
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