MM Techno Plast L.L.P invites global OEMs to use its facilities, and capabilities to ‘Make in India’.

We MM Techno Plast L.L.P are a leading organization offering our esteemed clients optimum quality Injection Moulding Job Work. Our professionals ensure that the service provided to our clients is highly reliable and rendered skilfully within a fixed time frame by providing the best-made mold.

The machine fleet is the heart of our business. We have developed and built up our fleet over the years. Our machine fleet puts us in a position to take on assignments that very few of our competitors can handle. It is backed by a finely incorporated system for logistics and process management that allows us to switch quickly from small volumes to large batches, and to take in complex special orders at the same time.

Our Injection Molding Machines are in the range of the following:

  • 450 Ton / 250 Ton / 220 Ton – Asian Plastic Super Master (Taiwan)
  • 150 Ton / 120 Ton – Engel (Austria)
  • All Machines are servo-driven, Hopper Dryer with Autoloader.

Machines Available with us:
1) Model SM450V
2) Model SM250V
3) Model SM 220EV2
4) Model Victory 330/150 Tie bar Less
5) Model Victory 330/120 Tie bar Less

Ancillary Machines:
• Mould Chiller for each Machine
• Electric Oven
• Heater
• Hand Moulding Machine
• Vertical Mixer
• Big Grinder Blade Size: 16”
• Runner Grinder Blade Size: 6”
• Cooling Tower of 40 Ton.

We ensure all necessary safety measures and processes are in place while we load & unload the Heavy Moulds by Electrical Chain Hoist and hydraulic Trolley. Parking for Loading and unloading the Moulds, raw materials & finished goods with the warehouse facility to store the raw materials under supervision with CCTV recording.

The quality and safety of our products are our top priority. All the job work is conducted by a team of skilled and experienced workforce who have developed their expertise in the process of injection molding. We stringently test our products at different levels of processing using highly advanced Equipment and Machinery. Further, all the job work is carried out as per the customer’s requirement within the given period as per industry-leading prices.
We look forward to your valued inquiry.