M M Life Jacket Model: MMLJ

Certification: IRS APPROVED, as per SOLAS LSA CODE as amended MED IS Directive 2014/90/EU, Directive 2014/35/EU, BS EN ISO 12402:2020.

Personal Life Saving Device, Yoke Type Unique Stowage Design, Reflective Tape, Whistle with Strong Buckle easy to adjust.


These jackets are manufactured to equip all commercial vessels. They fully comply with the requirements of the regulations (IMO Regulations), which are mandatory for all life jackets used on-board community ships the adult life jacket is appropriate for passengers with chest size up to 175 cm, oversize passengers, while are provided with lifting loop and buddy line for easier rescue.

Optimized Survival Time: The MM Life Jacket (MMLJ) has improved face plan and body angles, for better in water position. This together with the improved self righting and free board makes the survival time being optimized. MMLJ Life Jacket can be folded to take up minimal space when stored and easy to stowage.

Optional Accessories: Life Jacket Light